Podcasts & Mixes

Please find below links with all infos, streaming & dwnld links to our selections/podcasts & mixes focusing on different musical themes. 

Mixes (mixed sets focusing on electro, nudisco, house, groove...) :

V4YS Mixes#31 - Disco, What Else Do You Need To Know? (Disco) - dwlnd

V4YS Special mixtape for Caïmite Radio (Groove, Nudisco, House) - dwlnd

V4YS Mixes#30 - Summer House (Deep House, House, Nudisco) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#29 - Spring House (Deep House, House) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#28 - Balearic Feeling (part3) (Nudisco, Slo-mo House) - dwlnd
V4YS 2014 Favorites - The Dance Part (House, Nudisco, Edits) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#27 - Groove Station (Groove, Boogie, Nudisco) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#26 - Cicada Disco (Slo-mo House, Indie/Electro) - dwlnd
V4YS Exclusive Mixtape for Partyfine - The Brasil Tape (Brasil, Latin, Beats) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#25 - Balearic Feeling (Part.2) (Nudisco, Slo-mo House) - dwlnd
V4YS 2013 Favorites Special Mix (Various) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#24 - Cruisin' Again (House, Electro/Pop) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#23 - Balearic Feeling (Nudisco, House) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#22 - Getting There (Electro Pop, Nudisco) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#21 - (Always) On The House Side (Deep House, House) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#20 - Nudisco Session (Nudisco, Slo-mo House) - dwlnd
V4YS 2012 Favorites Special Mix (Various) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#19 - A Little Deeper (House, Deep House) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#18 - Indie Mind (Electro, Indie, Pop) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#17 - (Back) On The House Side (Deep House, Progressive House) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#16 - More Beats, More Pieces (Jazzy Hip-Hop, Groove, Beats) - dwlnd
V4YS Special Wegofunk Mix#3 - Groove Me Up (Nudisco, Groove) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#15 - Electro-Pop Sounds (Electro/Pop, Nudisco) - dwlnd
V4YS Special WegoFunk Mix#2 - Nudisco Time (Edits, Nudisco, Slo-mo House) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#14 - (Still) On The House Side (House, Deep House, Minimal) - dwnld
V4YS 2011 Favorites Special Mix (Electro, House) - dwlnd
V4YS Special Mix for WeGoFunk Magazine#1 (Re-edits, Nudisco) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#13 - Beats & Pieces (Jazzy Hip-Hop/Beats) - dwlnd
V4YS Mixes#12 - Cruisin' (Progresssive House, Electro Pop, Deep Dubstep) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#11 - Shelter (Nudisco/Re-Edits/Deep House) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#10 - Follow The Beat (Dub/Dubstep/Minimal) - dwnld
V4YS 2010 Favorites Special Mix (Deep House, House, Dubstep) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#9 - Nudisco treats (Nudisco/House/Disco-Funk Edits) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#8 - In Love With Nu-Soul (Nu-Soul, Beats, Hip-Hop, Groove) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#7 - Deep Riddims (Dub/Electro/Dubstep) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#6 - Feel That Groove? (Groove/Nudisco) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#5 - Warm Up (Deep House/House) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#4 - On The House Side (Deep House/House) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#3 - Dubby (Dub/Electro) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#2 - Groovy Beats (Beats/Hip-Hop) - dwnld
V4YS Mixes#1 - Disco-Funk Re-edits Mix (Disco/Nudisco/Funk) - dwnld

Selections/Podcasts (podcasts focusing on jazz, soul, reggae, downtempo, folk..):

V4YS 2014 Favorites - The Chill Part (Folk, Jazz, Indie, Downtempo) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#26 - Brunch Session (Folk, Indie, Downtempo) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#25 - (More) Jazz On Earth (NuJazz) - dwlnd
V4YS Seelction#24 - (Still) In The Mood For Folk (Folk, Indie) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#23 - Digital Soulfulness 2 (Nu-Soul, Abstract Beats, Downtempo) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#22 - Abstract Soulfulness 2 (Lo-Fi, Downtempo, Dub)
V4YS Selection#21 - Abstract Soulfulness (Lo-Fi, Downtempo) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#20 - (One Again) In The Mood For Folk (Folk, Lo-fi) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#19 - Sunny Dub Style (Reggae, Dub, Beats) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#18 - Digital Soulfulness (Nu-Soul, Abstract Beats, Downtempo) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#17 - (Always) In The Mood For Folk (Folk/Indie) - dwlnd
V4YS 2011 Favorites Special Podcast (Jazz, Soul, Folk, Downtempo) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#16 - Feel The Love (Soul, Rare Grooves) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#15 - I (always) Need Reggae (Reggae old & new) - dwlnd
V4YS Selection#14 - Easing Off (Downtempo, Abstract Beats, Trip-Hop) - dwlnd
V4YS Special Selection - Peace Go With You, Brother Gil Scott-Heron (Soul, Funk, Blues)
V4YS Selection#13 - Back In The Day (Rare Grooves, Soul, Funk)
V4YS Selection#12 - Jazz On Earth (Jazz, NuJazz)
V4YS 2010 Favorites Special Podcast (Jazz, Nusoul, Folk, Chillwave, Beats)
V4YS Selection#11 - In The Mood For (more) Folk (Contemporary Indie/Folk)
V4YS Selection#10 - Latin' Cookin' (NuSamba/Salsa/Latin)
V4YS Special Selection - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Soul/Nu-Soul/Electro)
V4YS Selection#9 - Nu-School (Contemporary Soul/Funk)
V4YS Selection#8 - I Need (More) Reggae (Reggae Oldies)
V4YS Selection#7 - Slow Motion (Downtempo, Lo-Fi) 
V4YS Selection#6 - Smooth Soul (Part 2) (70's/80's Groove & Soul) 
V4YS Selection#5 - Long Live Afrobeat (Contemporary Afrobeat) 
V4YS Selection#4 - In The Mood For Folk (Contemporary Folk)  
V4YS Selection#3 - Lyrics Do Matter ("Socially Conscious" 60's/70's Soul/Funk) 
V4YS Selection#2 - I Need Reggae (Reggae Oldies) 
V4YS Selection#1 - Smooth Soul (70's/80's Groove & Soul)

Dwnld link down or tracklisting question? feel free to e-mail me : vibes4yoursoul@gmail.com